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Why People Love to Hate Islands as a Destination Choice

By June 14, 2017 Travel
Hate Islands as a Destination Choice

Islands can described as peculiar and special destinations having special challenge to sustainability as well as natural attractions for travelers or tourists. The wide range of islands on earth are a number of the premium and most sought after destinations like the Caribbean, the French Polynesian, Canary, Galapagos, Hawaiian and Balearic islands among others. The inscrutability linked with islands is reliant on a combination of diverse kinds of aboriginal cultures, lifestyles, fauna and flora, unique land formations as well as coastal and ocean resources.

Islands must therefore implement sustainable tourism policies in all areas, such as socio-cultural, economic and environmental, in order to keep that air of mystery lively and flourishing.  It is also imperative that all islands tackle the problems of environmental consequences, economic impact, as well as those involving the political, cultural and social fabric of the island, all of which are affected by the density of tourism on the island.

Despite the amazing things about the islands, people still hate islands as a destination choice. Here is why people love to hate islands as a destination choice.

    1. Socio-Cultural Challenges – Islands are confronted with multifaceted socio-cultural problems, most especially the ones with aboriginal populations. Sightseeing on islands, most especially the tiny ones brings visitors and their hosts into a very close contact, unlike the destinations on the mainland. This causes helpless situation for social disturbance.

     On the other hand, Family life, moral standards, loss of traditional lifestyle, commoditization of culture and crime impact islands more than the mainland destinations. They key to sustainable and successful tourism growth is community integration, indicating that all islanders who are affected by tourism must be engaged in the planning procedure.

    2. Economic Concerns – The frequent limited economic resource base is a serious challenge to the health of an island. The islands might have a small amount of resources or feasible industries apart from tourism to offer employment and revenue for the local population. Sightseeing can turn out to be an economic mechanism for any small island growth. Small islands can make us of tourism as a tool to increase their economies and eventually conquer the shortcomings of smallness.

    Rise and fall in visitor arrivals on the islands must be implicit and alleviated through product and market diversification, in order for employment to be stabilized and tourism infrastructures and superstructures be well made used of.  Another economic issue in islands compelling local inhabitants to be out of the housing market is the rising land prices. This upholds immigration, leading to a probable dissolution of culture as well as the second home possession by aliens. These trends can create a serious chain of issues for the economy of the island, if unadulterated

    3. Environmental Concerns – Since islands have different wildlife species, costal areas and land formations, environmental concerns of sustainability on islands are complex. In small island states that are host to fragile ecosystems rich in biodiversity, tourism contributes to the environmental squalor, such as erosion and pollution regularly. Sand dunes, beaches and coral reefs are heavily used, easily destroyed and needing careful visitor management.

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