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5 Fascinating Facts About Fine Dining Establishments That Will Make You Say Wow

By June 14, 2017 Food & Health

There is need to be well equipped with facts and information about fine dining establishments and restaurants if you travel frequently or like eating out. This is to enable more about what people say about a particular restaurant and know whether patronizing them will make you say wow or not!

Here are 5 fascinating facts about fine dining establishments that will make you say wow!

1. The Dinner, London,

The Dinner is sited at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in London and controlled by Chef Ashley Palmer. This is the vision of Heston Blumenthal who took his interest with the English culinary history and turned it into unexpectedly interesting thing for all of us today. Traditional dishes such as meat fruit and Salamugundy are turned into contemporary wonders that will make you say wow by the time you finish eating. This is actually the best restaurant in the United Kingdom.

2. Osteria Francescana, Modena, Italy

This is a fine dining where the most emotive chef in the world, Massimo Bottura prepares meals of desire and memory. The first attraction that will tell you that this is a fantastic and extraordinary upscale Italian restaurant is from the conceptual fashionable paintings on the wall, with the art continuing on the plate. Osteria Francescana features a sophisticated ice cream bar, while the mortadella sandwich at this restaurant is second to none. The greatest thing about this restaurant is the dishes that were made more reminiscent by the stories that come with them.

3. Noma, Copenhagen, Denmark

You will find Noma in an old whaling warehouse, where it is producing tantalizing dishes with excellent customer service that will make you say wow at the end of your wonderful experience. In fact, the restaurant is doing everything to remain one of the best restaurants to reckon with all over the world. Noma relies exclusively on the available ingredients in the area. These days however, the restaurant is aiming far further than its early days of reindeer lichen and foraged sea buckthorn. Dinner today may begin with a complete kohlrabi, overflowing with its fermented juice and jaded with a straw, in order for it to appear and taste like a coconut drink. The meal may then continue with aebleskivers –this is a customary Danish type of dissipate—topped with a sauce produced from fermented grasshopper, and finish with a dessert of plum puree, almond and potato. Noma carries on to provide what might well be the most affianced—as well as appealing—service in the world.

4. Mugaritz Errenteria, Spain

Andoni Luis Aduriz is the architect of modern cuisine. Mugaritz  Errenteria is approximately 20 minutes drive all the way from San Sebastian. You will enjoy dishes such as the Mary tomato that appears and feels like a fresh tomato but have the tastes of cocktail or potato stones, which is a sweet sensation for dinner, when you go to this restaurant to eat.

5. Celler de Can Roca, Girona, Spain

This restaurant is operated by three brothers — including Joan, who is the head chef, pastry chef Jordi and sommelier Josep— who came honestly by their trade. Cella de Can Roca is the most beautiful dining room in Europe, where Roca meal overwhelms with its wizardry. Without doubt, you will have the best experience of your life at Celler de Roca, where preferred wines have been established for multi-sensor treatments!

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