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Wrong Answers to Common Flight Route Planning Questions: Do You Know the Right Ones?

By June 14, 2017 Private Jet, Travel
Common Flight Route Planning

Flight route planning is a procedure that involves the production of a flight plan to be used in explaining a intended aircraft flight. It comprises of fuel calculation, to make sure that the aircraft arrives its destination safely as well as compliance with the air traffic control needs, to reduce the risk of midair collision. On the other hand, flight planners usually desire to reduce flight cost through the right speed, height, and route as well as by loading the least essential fuel on board. Flight route planning needs perfect weather forecasts in order for the calculations for the fuel consumption to account for the fuel consumption effects of the air temperature and head or tail winds.

Here are the right answers to common flight route planning questions.

Do not Use Random Routings – Use he built-up routes for all international legs, as against the random routes. This is mainly due to the fact that there are more than a few variables to put into consideration when using random routing, particularly when numerous countries have preferred routings. It is noteworthy that routing and airway limitations change most often all over the world and a number of route flight planning systems as well as development software programs have restrictions as far as adapting with the changes is concerned. As a result, whenever there is route planning, quite a lot of international trips need human input.

Understand the Possible Routing Pitfalls – The truth is that if you have not paid the required and necessary nav fees, your flight plan may be denied, and this situation is frequent with Venezuela. You will have to re-route around the airspace of the country, if you have any pending nav fees to settle. You also need to know that preferred route may change quite often. Not all resources consist of similar pertinent information, even as there are numerous resources to give information on restrictions as well as preferred routings.

Shun the Temptation of Filing a Random Route – There are problems with systems that generate only random routes, despite the fact that quite a number of operators might prefer filing random routings. As a matter of fact, these routes do not meet the needs of the particular countries involved in most cases. For instance, a lot of countries do not accept off-airway straight route segments that need the airways to be filed. As a result, particular parts of a random route might not be legitimate and will cause your flight plan request to be turned down.

Begin Your Flight Route Planning by Focusing at the Big Picture – In order to determine a basic route based on winds, the best thing to do is to compute a random route and then plot the route. This way, you can determine the countries you will be overflying quickly, thereby avoiding problems for your route. After that, you can modify the routing to go well with such restrictions.

Be Aware of the Top Pitfalls if Proper Route Planning is not Carried Out – In a situation where you forward an invalid route for endorsement, you might look forward to the responsible air traffic control to refuse it and probably do a revision of your routing request. The revised route that is finally endorsed might add considerable time and distance to your anticipated time and this might impact passenger schedules at destination.

As a matter of fact, you might discover that you are not able to make the flight leg direct, depending on the distance involved, resulting in extra technical stop. This might then require an updated ground handling arrangements, new flight plan, new Notice to Airmen, new weather packages as well as a revised passenger schedule. However, you may likely be faced with delays and additional considerations, if new permits are required and cannot be secured when needed.

Consider taking a private jet to your destination with and avoid all of the common pitfalls of vacation planning.

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